Government Grants for Women

A government grant for women is money that has been allocated by the federal, state or local government to assist women financially so they are able to contribute more to the economy and to society.

A grant is not a loan. It is money that is given for a specific purpose and does not have to be paid back. Since it is not a loan, grants are not usually based on your credit history, nor do you need to put up any collateral.

Government grants for women can have a variety of purposes. For example, the federal Pell grant offers up to $5300 a year for help in paying college expenses for undergraduate and Masters degree level students. This is not a scholarship – so a high grade point average is not a prerequisite. How much you will be offered is directly related to your income, based on your last years tax return.

Some states offer incentives for women to enter careers dominated by men. For example, recent bills introduced by Texas and supported by women’s rights organizations attempt to fund higher levels of education for certain careers. If successful, a Texas scholarship would be available for any woman seeking a legal degree, pending passing the Texas bar exam. If your goal is to become a Texas attorney assisting truck accident victims, the state may be able to lend a helping hand. Even more needed are women lawyers assisting poor families negotiating the bureaucracy in general.

Grant money is also available at a state level for college or technical schools. If you are a woman looking to work in a nontraditional field such as welding, truck driving or in a nuclear plant there are additional grants available. Government contracts require a certain percentage of women employees for acceptance and this is the government’s way of helping to make sure that happens in these industries.

Other government grants for women can be for business purposes. Most grants for traditional businesses are for improving and growing a business already in existence. For instance, you might have a business in a low income area that sells wigs to women who are suffering hair loss either due to medical procedures such as chemotherapy and radiation or from hair follicle related diseases such as alopecia. You want to expand the number of brands from top wig manufacturers such as Revlon wigs, and Amore wigs that offer quality wigs specifically for cancer / hair loss patients. Women who suffer from hair loss are more sensitice to the inside surface of the wig’s cap construction. Therefore wigs that cater to such folks have design features that result in more softness against the scalp to provide all day wearing comfort. Amore wigs cap construction is known for its double monofilament layering where the fibers are hand tied for more ventilation. They even have a cap base layer that has the ability to match the wearer’s own scalp color to give a more natural appearance. As a woman with a business that caters to women’s needs reaching out to the folks living in a low income neighborhood, you just might qualify with a government grant. In addition, you can sometimes find start up money for not-for-profit organizations that will benefit the entire community.

Some grants are designed to create employment. Creating a business that can prove it can hire a number of staff in an area that has been financially under performing may be eligible for a grant. A jewelry store whose expansion means more jobs for sales staff or customer service help in a low income neighborhood may also be eligible. A small business focused on internet commerce selling sterling silver rings and other jewelry needs employees to manage customers, inventory, sales, promotion, creation of displays and even the design elements. Setting up shop requires attention to getting online visitors to visit your sterling silver rings store, be captivated by the offerings, and be convinced of the value of a purchase. If the conditions of the grant can be stated in a way that is convincing, provides a common benefit and is long lasting, it may be worth the effort to apply.

The economic stimulus package has released a large amount of money on the Federal level that has been passed to the states for distribution through local government agencies. So the best chance of getting a government grant for women is actually right in your own neighborhood.

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