Government Grants for Small Businesses

Can you imagine starting a small business? If you can, do a little research for grants. Government grants and private grants are both great resources. You will need capitol whether you are starting a artisanal brick and mortar shop or an online store specializing in industrial janitorial supplies. Starting an online store for a company like Clean it Supply will require very different upfront costs both actual and legal than a small brick and mortar store, but still requires a good investment. There is a lot of research that goes into the different brands of cleaning products, tools, and cleaning items to make sure a store like this is properly stocked. Research like this also costs time with costs money. So understanding which kind of grants better suit your needs is very important? Can you apply for more than one? You need to check the terms of the grant, but often small businesses can apply for multiple grants both from the government and private investors. Other start up companies like LifeBac, an online site that is helping people change their relationship with alcohol by advocation for an effective drug therapy for alcoholism is quite different from a brick and mortar or an online store selling products. LifeBac provides a program that includes both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. For $99, which is billed monthly, patients receive :
• Online Doctor Visits
• Medication To Your Door
• Mindful Drinking Tools
• Goal Setting and Tracking
• Personal Coach
• Support Community

There is no contract and patients can cancel at any time. LifeBac combines medication to remove cravings and tools, via psychotherapy, to break the habit loop. It’s more likely the research that went into developing this new approach might have been eligible for government grants rather than the website business selling the program to the public.

Of course, there are individual entrepreneurs who would benefit from a government grant, but may not know how to apply. I recently returned from Las Vegas where I had taken my son who is in college on a tennis scholarship to see Dr. Physio for an assessment of my son’s recovery from lateral epicondyliti, a type of tendinitis caused, in my son’s case, by his tennis. I had been referred to Dr. Physio by my son’s coach when our family doctor could not successfully treat the tendinitis. Dr. PHYSIO has been treating not only professional athletes but also high school and college athletes for over twenty-five years for a variety of sport’s related injuries. The treatment of lateral epicondyliti is one of his specialties. The rehab program my son is undergoing that was developed by Dr. Physio has been very successful. My son and I had dubbed the exercises, joint mobilization, and stretching techniques he has been following as the rehab program. Dr. Physio was a great find for us. My son will not have to end his college tennis and he now has a chance of perhaps becoming a professional player once he graduates. I talked to Dr. Physio at great lengths about how he started in his career and what would he have liked to have done differently. He said he probably wouldn’t have changed a thing. Luck played its part, but he thought his big break through came when he successfully resurrected the career of the outfielder, Marquis Grissholom. Bill then soon found himself as the go-to guy for many ailing professional athletes and his name became well known in the world of sports. In the case of Dr. Physio it is hard to see if a government grant would have been helpful at some point in his career. Who can say at this time?

However, that shouldn’t discourage the individual entrepreneur from researching the possibilities or filing out our form to apply for a grant.

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