Government Grants Cont.

Remember government grants are not loans, so you will never have to pay them back. There are absolutely no credit checks, no employment needed, no collateral needed and no co-signors needed. You can have bad credit or even have filed bankruptcy. These free government grants are available to help you.

The following are the areas where government grants are available in. It is a wide range of areas, which every US citizen should fit in. The areas are: Women’s grants, Personal and Cash grants, Research grants, Small Business Start Up and Growth grants, Grants for Non-Profit organizations, Student Loans and Education grants, Minority grants, Health Care Cost Recovery grants and Community and Social Development grants. It is important to understand that these grants are intended to assist you in whatever area you need help in. If you need help in your small business, then naturally you would apply for the Small Business Start Up and Growth grant. But like I’d mentioned before you can apply for more than one grant at a time. There are millions of dollars set aside specifically to distribute to US citizens who apply for these free government grants.

There are grants available at the present time for 1,000 federal programs, 20,000 state programs, 28,000 private foundations and over 18,000 scholarship programs. The government will not call you up, send a letter or knock on your door and hand you the money. You have to seek out these free government grants. The best way is to let companies that offer services related to finding these grants do the hard work for you. Typically you’ll sign up with one of these companies, and they’ll gather all of the paperwork and send it to you. You’ll have to fill out the paperwork for which grants you’re interested in and send it in for processing. We recommend using this company to help you through the process.

Millions of dollars go unclaimed every year due to the public being unaware of these grants. So do yourself a favor and make sure you take advantage of one of the biggest perks of being a US citizen.

Our preferred partner for applying for a government grant is Accelerated Grants.

What is a Government Grant?

A government grant is essentially free money. The government has been negotiating grants for individuals, small business owners for over 50 years.

Government grants are open to ANY US citizen.

How do I, or my business, get one?

You need to simply apply. More often than not this involves applying to multiple sources. Funding sources change frequently, it is important to get your hands on a list or database of up to date grant funding sources.

How easily can I find funding?

Funding can be difficult without the right set of tools handy. It’s estimated that most applicants do not spend much time looking at the various funding sources, and this is why funding can be difficult.

Are grants applications hard?

Grant funding is not a complicated thing. You just need to know where to apply and how to apply. In some instances it can pay to hire a grant proposal writer to sit down with you and build out your grant application.

Okay… I’m interested, send me more information and let me at it!

The best step for you now is to take away a information pack and CD from a reputable online government funding assistance program. There are many of these online, there are a lot of shady operators out there, but there are some gems that shine above the rest.

Our preferred partners for government grant assistance programs are:

    Accelerated Grants

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