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Finding a good funding source is not a simple task, and while there are many sources of grants, there are also many people seeking funding, so the competition is fierce. It’s impossible to just pull money of the air. Wouldn’t it be nice though? We can make lots of things, and learn about lots of things, but being truly creative or seeking specific information can be costly. Looking for individual grants can be one of many ways to find the funding for a particular project. Funding any project is expensive.

So in many respects, obtaining a government grant is like winning the lottery – you get the money and don’t have to pay it back. My dad keeps telling me that there are other ways to get a large amount of free money. He was a partner in a firm consisting of maritime attorneys in Louisiana, and he constantly reminds me that his clients whose cases his firm won all received such funding. This is a lawyer’s argument, and while he thinks that kind of funding is free of strings, it really is not. Because you can’t win an injury case unless you are actually harmed, so the tradeoff there is possibly not worth it. As a lawyer though, he also benefits when he shares in the settlements, but in those cases, he actually worked for that money. Other legal means tend to involve work, or trading assets, or investing, and all of these involve both time and risk. So if you can’t tap a personal injury case, consider what I’ve been saying about government grants.

Sometimes your success at winning a grant is dependent on where you reside. This is either because the grants in some areas are less competitive, or because the government is attempting to incentivize efforts to populate rural areas with expertise. For example, if you offer valuable services (think doctors), or technological services (think internet), you may find that where you live can make grants easier to win. You can move from place to place but it really is worth finding an area you like and move there. If you need help in the process there are plenty of moving companies that can help you out.

Once you’ve settled in a little, you can search for a grant while staying right in the same place. You can even work on saving some money while working on writing and applying for an individual grant. There are many different kinds of organizations you can look into. Fortunately the internet is a great source of this kind of information. Do you ever wonder what people did before the days of the inter-web? Word of mouth and libraries are still not a bad source, but with the age of the internet and computers you have so many more options at the tips of your fingers.

So when thinking about moving house, check online reviews to help you see the most organized, efficient and cost saving plan out there.

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