Government Grants

Government grants are available to all US citizens but unfortunately the majority of US citizens either don’t know about them, or they simply do not believe they can receive one. These government grants have been around for over 50 years. They are not highly advertised to the public and therefore because they are not, US citizens are mainly left in the dark about them.

Let’s say you are want to become a car accident lawyer and are interested in law school. However you can’t afford the entire tuition on your own. The government along with other private sources may provide monetary assistance in form of grants and scholarships to students who are aspiring for a degree in the legal field. Pell grants are probably the most well known of the government grants available to students. Pell grants unfortunately are for undergraduate students. However, for students going to law school it’s more likely that the individual Law school’s financial aid office will be the ones to offer a wide-ranging financial assistance program for enrolled students, including endowed scholarships and grants for low-income high-achievers. Since the average monthly student loan payment for new attorneys (whether it’s a new lawyer in the private sector such as a car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer, or an assistant district attorney) is a little over $1,000 each month, borrowing money requires prudent evaluation. As a new car accident attorney you are more likely going to be assisting the principals of a law firm specializing in car accidents rather than working with your own car accident clients. Most likely you will be on salary, although each job situation is different. And most car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis. When a case is finished, the lawyer takes a percentage (usually between 30% to 40%) of the settlement.

Nevertheless, free government grants are given away all of the time. The only difference between a person who receives one and a person who doesn’t is knowledge. This is true for many things in life. Some folks may equate these government grants to gift baskets. However, these gift baskets are not filled with savory and sweet treats, wines, teas and coffees, fruit, baby stuff, or spa items. A government grant may actually help a fledgling gift basket business expand and develop new markets. These government gift basket grants are like the container that will support, display, and cradle the ingredients that fill the gift basket. The grant or container represents the potential for something bigger and grander. When you look at the container that is a gift basket, you can imagine the potential, but until it is “fleshed out”, it is still just a container. If you know how to go about applying for a government grant then you stand a good chance of receiving a grant “gift basket,” which you can then develop into something bigger and better than just a piece of paper with potential. But to someone else who doesn’t know how to apply for a grant there’s no way they can receive one. Once you apply for a government grant you can apply for another. Actually there is no limit to the number for free government grants you can apply for.

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